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Christina Johnson has taken our dog “Magnum” from one that nobody wanted to become our son's best friend and most able helper. Magnum was the second dog Christina evaluated for us and she found him to be a good match for our family and our 29 year old son, Matthew. Matt has been in a wheelchair for 13 years, a result of Friedrich's Ataxia. Christina has taught Matt and Magnum to work together as a team. They have come to love each other immensely and Matt has come to rely on Magnum to perform many useful tasks. He is a wonderful addition to our family in as well as being a helpful companion to Matthew.

Jack and Sally Ann Diiorio
Johnston, RI

I met Christina...more than ten years ago. Christinas continuous guidance has helped me so much...much more than books, videos or dog class (FYI hers are the best!) or anything else! Molly and I have been doing pet therapy for the past six years all thanks to Christina. She has taught me how to read my dog.
She is my dog-whisperer!
Joanne LaBelle
Kingston, RI
We have known Christina for ten years. Christina has helped us tremendously in learning how to watch our dogs’ body language for
signs of what she is going to do and how we should react. I had a Chow mix that had kidney disease and with help from Christina we were able to come up with a homeopathic diet. Christina’s opinion and advice is something I value highly.
Linda and Bill Gardiner
Moosup, CT / Members of the New England Chow Chow club

Zorro was a hostile adoptee...He snapped at me as an
answer to every command. I contacted Christina and
we were off to an evaluation of masters and commander (the latter being the dog) followed by an enlightening lesson to the humans on proper dominant behavior. Difficult though many of the rules may seem to us two-legged types, Christina carved us a road map based on her experience with behavior modification. We all made a pact to follow the rules. At the end of a few weeks, he got it. All good things came from us.. and it was to us he had to listen. He was a different dog and my life and limbs were out of harm’s way. Thank you Christina
Roz Rustigian
Providence, RI / Board of Directors, Rhode Island SPC



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